Netwrix Auditor for Azure AD / 150 Users

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Netwrix Auditor for Azure AD

Complete visibility into what's happening in Microsoft Azure Active Directory
Netwrix Auditor for Azure AD maximizes visibility into user actions in your cloud-based Active Directory, enabling you to quickly detect and investigate incidents that threaten your security or business continuity. This application tracks and reports on security and configuration changes, and enables Azure AD access control by reporting on both successful and failed sign-ins to your cloud directory service.

Mitigate information security threats when hosting Active Directory in Azure

Ensure the integrity and security of your organization’s cloud directory service with visibility into user activity in your Azure AD deployment. Easily track successful and failed sign-in attempts and critical changes to Azure AD users, groups, roles, contacts, applications, devices, licenses and more. Monitor your AD’s pulse and review important security metrics using Overview dashboards, or get deeper insights by drilling down into graphs and jumping to detailed audit reports.

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Gain visibility into user and administrator activity in Azure AD and ensure your audit trail is safely retained for years

Netwrix Active Directory auditing software overcomes the limitations of native auditing tools by eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual processes for data consolidation, analysis and reporting. IT administrators can quickly provide key stakeholders with the information they need about changes to AD objects, Group Policy configurations, directory partitions and more. And they can even roll back unwanted changes to the previous state without disrupting business operations.

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Investigate security or operational incidents and address auditor’s requests with Interactive Search

Be ready when external auditors ask you to show all modifications to Azure AD multi-factor authentication settings and role changes over the past year. Quickly find and eliminate the root cause of a web application access failure. With the advanced search capabilities of Interactive Search, you can supply search criteria and use built-in filters to quickly retrieve a particular audit trail record you need or establish the broader context of an incident with traces from across multiple IT systems.

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