Netwrix Auditor for NetApp / 150 Users

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Netwrix Auditor for NetApp

Complete visibility into changes, data access and data usage on NetApp filers
Netwrix Auditor for NetApp provides complete visibility into everything going on in your file storage. The application delivers deep insights into changes to files, folders, shares and permissions, as well as effective permissions, successful and failed access attempts, data usage, and data ownership.

Ensure compliance with ongoing NetApp auditing

Easily provide answers to auditors' inquiries, such as who accessed sensitive files or who tried to change file ownership. Your complete NetApp filer audit trail is stored in the two-tiered (file-based + SQL database) AuditArchive™ for years and is available anytime you need it.

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Detect unauthorized changes quicker with predefined reports

Overcome the limitations of native auditing tools with Netwrix NetApp reporting software. Netwrix Auditor automates NetApp filer auditing and includes predefined reports that keep IT pros informed about changes to files, data usage and data access in minutes. They can identify suspicious activity and proactively investigate the root cause of any unwanted change, such as an unauthorized attempt to delete a folder or change file permissions.

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Prevent data breaches with prompt investigation of suspicious activity

Predefined reports empower IT admins to track both successful and failed file change, read and delete attempts in NetApp. Monitoring every change and data access attempt enables you to quickly detect any suspicious activity. Interactive Search makes it easy to dig deeper into the root cause of an issue and investigate suspicious activity.

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Better manage your unstructured data

To improve user productivity and reduce costs, Netwrix Auditor for NetApp facilitates cleanup of NetApp filers. It identifies and reports on empty folders and duplicate and unused files, so you can delete the ones you no longer need and optimize storage use.

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