Netwrix Auditor for Oracle Database / 1 Processor

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Netwrix Auditor for Oracle Database

Complete visibility into what's going on inside Oracle Database
Netwrix Auditor for Oracle Database delivers security analytics about changes made to database objects, roles and permissions, and about successful and failed attempts to access production databases and structured data. Its database activity monitoring helps detect threats, so organizations can harden their Oracle Database security and ensure database availability.

Identify and track down anomalies in user behavior to strengthen Oracle Database security

Enable database activity monitoring to keep tabs on what’s going on across your databases or within a certain user’s session, including changes to user privileges, roles, tables, views and triggers, as well as successful and failed attempts to modify or access your structured data or production databases. Proactively uncover database security threats, such as deleted tables and records or newly enabled user accounts, that can compromise Oracle Database data security. Plus, further untangle suspicious activity with the Google-like, Interactive Search feature.

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Get a high-level yet insightful overview of Oracle Database activity to make sure your controls are in place

Streamline database control by enabling efficient Oracle Database activity monitoring and ensure that no configuration settings or roles were modified without your notice and that tables with sensitive data have been accessed only by authorized personnel. With Netwrix Auditor’s actionable intelligence, Oracle Database administrators can gain visibility into activity, both successful and failed, analyze what’s happening, spot activity spikes, and identify and chase down suspicious actions. And because a complete audit trail is kept archived for years and can be easily accessed any time, they can address auditors’ requests about activity during any time period faster and with more insight.

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Monitor Oracle Database activity without time-consuming manual processes

Keep an eye on structured data by maintaining full control over changes and access to Oracle Database. Regularly review predefined reports to quickly spot illicit activity and minimize the risk of a database security breach. Keep stakeholder informed about who changed role permissions, which users repeatedly tried and failed to read or modify your data, which audit policies were altered without your approval, and more, by subscribing them to the reports they need.

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