Netwrix Auditor for VMware / 150 Users

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Netwrix Auditor for VMware

Complete visibility into VMware changes
Netwrix Auditor for VMware audits VMware vSphere, vCenter, and standalone ESXi hosts to help organizations harden security, streamline compliance and optimize operations. The application enables complete visibility into your virtual infrastructure by detecting and reporting on changes made to vCenter and its servers, folders, clusters, resource pools and hardware configurations of virtual machines.

Enable continuous auditing of VMware environment to protect data and prevent downtime

Get concise audit reports with actionable audit information so you can quickly answer questions such as whether virtual machines were created or deleted during a given time period and who made those changes. Store your audit trail for more than 10 years in a scalable two-tiered (file-based + SQL database) storage system that enables easy historic e-discovery and security investigations.

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Report on changes to your VMware installations faster and with far less effort

Overcome the limitations of native auditing tools and simplify VMware reporting. Instead of manually poring through arcane logs, monitor changes across your VMware environment using predefined audit reports and dashboards with sorting and filtering capabilities. Slash your workload even further by subscribing stakeholders to the reports they need — the reports will be delivered automatically by email on the schedule you specify, so you can focus on other priorities.

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Streamline investigations to reduce risk while saving time and money

Quickly untangle a complex security incident or get to the bottom of an application downtime event so you can minimize its impact and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. Interactive Search speeds your investigation by making it easy to hone in on the exact audit information you need. Fine-tune your sorting and filtering criteria to get custom VMware security reports that you can export and share with others.

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